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Atlas Crane

Special Features

  • Mechanisms Mounted on Fabricated frame.
  • Cranes are all the three sides are covered with weldmesh and entry with collapsible doors.
  • All floor entries fitted with collapsible doors.
  • Cage height not less than 1.7m height.
  • Cage - floors are covered with chequerred plate.
  • Over Hoisting over lowering limit switches along with additional hoist Control limit switch.
  • If one rope fails another rope will hold the cage from falling.
  • Rail catch mechanism, on request if any door is opened cage will not operate.
  • All floor doors are fitted with limit switches.
  • Landing Buffers are provided.
  • Designed with self - supporting structures also.
  • Rope Hoist, mounted on a supported I-Beam, which lowers & raises the cage. ln the absence of a RCC well inside the building, a fabricated enclosure supporting structure can be erected on site.
  • This structure is independent of the building can be erected inside or outside the building, just touching.
  • Guide wheels are fitted on the cage which run in the Guides which are provided on the structure on opposite sides. This arrangement enables smooth & trouble free travel of the cage in a vertically straight line.
  • Collapsible gates are provided at all entry! exit points for essential safety.

Our Organization

Atlas Crane Pvt Ltd

Atlas-Crane Private Ltd is one of the leading crane manufacturers in Chennai. We are having more than 40 years of expertise.We are having our office at the heart of city and factory at Thirumazhisai and kumbakonam sidco No. 91 to 100.In this more competitive years, Atlas Cranes developed good vendors and developed modular designs with standard interchangeable components. .

Our Expertise

Atlas Crane Pvt Ltd

We do design, Engineering, manufacturing, assembly, Erection and Commissioning to Indian Standards IS 3177, IS 3958 or BS 2574 or DIN.Our Products are manufactured literally by the most advanced technologies under a strict quality control systems that ensures the quality of each and every individual product by us and also our management efficiency.

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Our Location


No. 14B&C, Industrial Estate,
Kakkalur, Thiruvallur Dt. - 602 025.,
Tamil Nadu, India
PH:044 - 32919997/32919998.