EOT Crane - Double Girder

Atlas CraneATLAS CRANES DOUBLE GIRDER CRANES : When heavy loads and wide spans are required, the ATLAS CRANES double girder travelling cranes show their strength.

They consist of two torsion-free box girders. This makes them especially suitable for lifting and transporting of various capacity of loads and spans ATLAS CRANES Double Girder Travelling Cranes are available with load capacities up to 60T and with spans up to 34 m.

Articulated end carriage joints ensure positive contact of all four wheels with the track. The range of fixing arrangements allows the appropriate integration of ATLAS CRANES travelling cranes into new buildings as well as into existing buildings. Just as with all other types of ATLAS CRANES travelling cranes, the profiles of the main girder are optimally produced using computers so that maximum performance with a minimum of deadweight can be achieved. An advantage that has financial benefits.

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Atlas-Crane Private Ltd is one of the leading crane manufacturers in Chennai. We are having more than 40 years of expertise.We are having our office at the heart of city and factory at Thirumazhisai and kumbakonam sidco No. 91 to 100.In this more competitive years, Atlas Cranes developed good vendors and developed modular designs with standard interchangeable components. .

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Atlas Crane Pvt Ltd

We do design, Engineering, manufacturing, assembly, Erection and Commissioning to Indian Standards IS 3177, IS 3958 or BS 2574 or DIN.Our Products are manufactured literally by the most advanced technologies under a strict quality control systems that ensures the quality of each and every individual product by us and also our management efficiency.

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